We are committed to enabling all Canadians secure their legacies.

With families of our own, we have seen the sadness and suffering that the passing away of a loved one brings. Unfortunately, we have also seen the added stress that comes with administering a passed loved one’s estate. 

We set about creating a simple, affordable, and engaging experience to enable our users to create a will quickly from the comfort of their homes. To us, a will is not just a legal document, its a promise to safeguard loved ones from life’s uncertainties. 

We focus on enabling Wills and Powers of Attorney because a will can enable significant security for your loved ones and yet people delay making their wills. People feel overwhelmed or are worried about the costs. We looked into this and came up with an efficient way to serve the Will-making needs of most people.

We hope you will take the time to secure your legacy, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.


How does Willezy work?​​​

We help you generate your Will and Powers of Attorney in 3 simple steps.


We guide you through a simple process where, in ~30 minutes, you provide the information needed to create your will.​


We support you to make decisions on your Powers of Attorney documents which determine who makes decisions on your behalf if you are unable to.​


We provide you clear instructions on the final steps to ensure your will becomes legally binding.​

The Willezy Team.

We have a strong, lean team dedicated to widening access to wills.

To keep your experience seamless and to keep the operations efficient, we engage with a pool of experts in different topics while keeping a smaller fully dedicated team.  This ensures we constantly have the right legal expertise, and technology capabilities while keeping the prices low for our customers. ​