What is a Will?

Formally known as a “Last Will and Testament”, a Will is a legal document in which you provide instructions for what should happen to your belongings (“estate”) once you pass away.

Your Will provides instructions on what should happen to your belongings (“estate”) once you pass away. If you die without a will, any wishes you may have will not be recognized and your estate will be distributed as per the governing laws of your province in Canada. It also means legislation will decide who who can be appointed to make decisions regarding your estate. Legally, dying without a will is called dying ‘intestate’.

In Ontario, a lawyer is not necessary to make your will. As long as you create your will and follow a few legally required steps (which Willezy will guide you through), you do not need a lawyer.

Willezy aims to make the will create process very simple. You will only need some basic information such as the full name of your family members, a rough idea of your assets, and a view of who would be ideal guardians for minor children and / or pets as applicable.

At present, Willezy supports the will-needs of those in Ontario. This is because legal will requirements vary by province. We are working very hard to expand across Canada. Stay tuned!

No. The law requires each individual to create his / her own will. You cannot create a will on behalf of someone else.

Simply put, do not have things in your will that you do not own completely (e.g., a joint apartment you own with your spouse). This is because, typically, your co-owner will inherit your share after your time. Other things to not have in the will include Life Insurance Policies since they usually have beneficiaries who will receive the payout.

In Canada, the age to write a Will varies by province, but 18 is the minimum age in Ontario. A Will is a legal document that outlines your wishes for how your assets should be distributed after your death. It can also help to avoid conflict and confusion among your loved ones.
Most young people don’t think about writing a Will until they’re older, but that’s a mistake. Life is unpredictable, and no one knows what the future holds. If you don’t have a Will, your assets will be distributed according to the laws of your province, which may not be what you want.

In most provinces of Canada, your Will had to stand on three pillars to be legally sound:

The Testator’s Signature: You, the testator, must sign a physical copy of your Will with a wet signature. No digital signatures allowed!
Witness Presence: Two witnesses must be physically present to witness you sign your Will. Your cat or dog may be your best friend, but they don’t count as witnesses.
Witness Signatures: The two witnesses must sign your Will in your presence. This means they must be able to see you sign, and you must be able to see them sign.
A Note About Witnesses: Some people should not be witnesses, such as beneficiaries of your estate or their spouses or family members. This is to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Are online wills legal?

Wills made online are no different from lawyer-crafted or handwritten wills provided you follow the signing instructions once the will is created.

At present, Canadian law requires wills to be signed and held in physical form (i.e., printed or handwritten). This requirement could change in the near future. Until then, we require our users to follow the detailed instructions provided with each will to ensure legal requirements are met

Once you have created your online will, you will need to print it out and sign it in the presence of two witnesses. You should also make sure to store your will in a safe place and let your executor know where it is located. Willezy will provide you detailed instructions on these steps and more to ensure your will is legally valid.

No, you do not need a lawyer to create an online will. At Willezy, we are focused on helping you create a will. There are some specific cases where it securing the services of a legal professional is recommended. We will let you know whether you need legal help based on the answers to our initial screening questions.

Yes, you can make changes to your online will as needed. However, you will need to print out and sign the updated will in the presence of two witnesses in order for it to be valid.

A will kit is a pre-written will form that you can fill out yourself. Online will services, on the other hand, generate a customized will for you based on your answers to a series of questions.

Is Willezy right for me?

Willezy is designed to support most Ontarians with their will needs. There are a few cases where we do recommend you seek specific legal advice. Click here to learn more about special situations.

Currently, we offer Willezy in english. We are working very hard on offering additional languages. Stay tuned!

As a limited time offer, we allow you to make unlimited will updates. This means that anytime you would like to change something in your will, all you need to do is come back, log-in and update your answers. Follow the signing instructions again, and make sure to destroy the older version(s) of your will.

We are committed to enabling all Ontarians to secure their legacy. This means we offer the features most of our competitors do in one single, low-priced plan. We want you to spend less time analyzing pricing plans, and more on securing your legacy.